In the past weeks, we added a number of minor features to the platform, improved its performance, and extend its scope.

The most notable addition is the option to share an account among multiple users. The account owner can decide to share access to his data with another person either read-only, or fully incl. the right to change, add, and remove information.

A roast done by Bernd on Marko's account

Multi-User Support

Even in a small roastery, often several roast masters take care of the production. Bernd is helping Marko out on busy days. For this he got an invitation to join Marko’s account.

Bernd roasting for Marko using his own login

Read-only Sharing

Sofia is a home roaster. She gets greens from Marko. To see what he has in stock, Marko gave here read-only access to his account.

Sofias Account

Now Sofia can switch over to Markos account using the account switcher (the popup in the top menu bar labeled “Your Account” or “Account XXX”) and take a look at his data. The top bar turned grey to indicate the read-only mode.

Sofia looking at the Marko's data


There is only one restriction: each user on the platform can only have full access to exactly one account, while he is allowed to additionally access any number of other accounts in read-only mode. As users are identified by their email and another email account is easy to setup, this is not a very limiting restriction.