Roasts can be added manually using the plus button. However, roasts are added more conviniently using the Artisan roast logger automatically during roasting. For details see under Artisan Integration.

A roast is given by a name, date, the bean or blend used, and the batch size. More details, like the resulting yield (weight of roasted beans), the batch number, the machine you roasted with, as well as the color, moisture and density of the result, can be specified too. The batch of the beans roasted is automatially deduced from the specified store.

Roast details

Watch out! Using Artisan for submitting roasts to the platform may add additional attributes like the ambient conditions, the charge and drop temperatures and more. The full profile information, however, is never submitted to the platform and thus never stored online.

The list of roasts can be sorted by date, id, name, batch number, machine or user using the button elements in the top row of the tab. There you find also controls to filter the roasts by the stock the beans were taken from, a certain time range as well as a free-text filter argument.

Roasts based soley on organic beans are tagged with a green leaf. The leaf icon on top of the tap allows to filter all such organic roasts, or alternatively all non-organic roasts.